Selling Process

In the event you own property in New York and are thinking about divesting, we can guide and represent your interest by getting the best price and terms for your property. The marketing and promotion of your New York City property includes but is not limited to the following:


  • Pricing property based on market drivers and financials
  • Market property using multiple channels to both domestic and international buyers
  • Reach out to our personal contacts regarding your property’s availability
  • Leverage our media popularity to gain exposure for the property
  • Show your property to potential purchasers and their brokers
  • Show the property to other brokers for their clients
  • Internet marketing (Social Networks)
  • New York Times newspaper
  • Professional photography
  • Professional floorplan
  • Google marketing – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etcetera)
  • Open houses for broker and potential purchasers previews
  • Open houses on Sunday catering to buyers
  • Media interviews at property (as opportunity permits)
  • Broker/potential buyer exposure events at property (as opportunity permits)

Seller would pay the broker commission to market the property. This fee is paid at closing and is equal to a percentage of selling price which is split between listing broker (representing seller), and selling broker (representing purchaser). Notwithstanding the commission is coming from seller, the buyer's broker represents the interest of the buyer while the seller's broker represents the interest of the seller.


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